- 57 KillStreak | New Updates :D - – 57 KillStreak | New Updates :D

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It’s been a long time since I’ve played shellshockers, and I did pretty well 😀

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  1. hes a boss with the shotgun
    does anyone agree every time u enter a game u see a faze tfue or ninja?

  2. yo not gonna lie your pretty good but to much bots in your lobby tbh

  3. 《 ᴀᴛᴀɢᴏ-ɴɪsᴛ 》• 10 years ago says:

    Where do you find server with players this bad?

  4. i've created a youtube channel to try to be as good as

  5. I love your vids ur my favorite youtuber ever

  6. Am I the only one that thinks the sniper is OP?? Lel

  7. I play this with my friends at school on dem dem PCs lol

  8. This game is so popular in my school like our chromebooks are getting taken away

  9. 99% ppl who play this , play it at school
    44% use cromebooks (laptops)
    45% use the school computers with keyboard and mouse

    And then theres you (and me when i build my pc) the best mouse , internet , no lag , keybinds , best keyboard
    Best monitor and best pc possible
    Haha i wanna try this

    Oh and damn just like fortnite the double barrel is op

  10. I played this game on my desktop with a i7 7700k, and a RTX 2080 and It runs smoooth with 100+FPS 1440p

    PS I didn't get those parts just for this game btw I play other games

  11. He’s not even on the leader board and you can see that he’s been on a 39 kill streak for almost all his other kills that he’s made after he got the 39 kill streak

  12. The old shell shockers lol The new one is way better

  13. In school I got a 97 KS and now my k/d is above 5 XD (I use sniper)

  14. Ily to the moon and back and no matter how much yolk u spread i will always remember you 😉

  15. This guy has about because his reticle is always on the person

  16. im mine is 78 kill streak my name for this game is ( Mb hacker ) lol xdddd gg im pro lol

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