- 57 KillStreak | New Updates :D - – 57 KillStreak | New Updates :D

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It’s been a long time since I’ve played shellshockers, and I did pretty well 😀

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  1. all the eggs weren't shooting you, they were moving slow and those are probably your friends and therefore this is fake

  2. These people are potatoes. Anyone could get a 50 KS against these noobs, not gonna lie.

  3. How old is this version? The map does not even exist anymore.

  4. If killing people in fortnite was this easy 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙍🙍🙍🙍🙍🙍🙍🙎🙎🙎🙎🙎

  5. oye esos jugadores parecían estatuas no hacian nada hasta yo podría matarlos

  6. I love this game my teachers be like no shooting games and I say bra it's shooting eggs

  7. I play this at my school with my friends and thay trash lmao

  8. You suck. Those people were boobs for sure

  9. Not trying to be noob but these are easy kills
    :/ but still cool video 👍

  10. You are a very good at it can you and me one v one now please

  11. OMG my name in real life is rain W my game name is Faze rain I can't believe I've played wit u

  12. How to change primary to secondary

  13. Jesus all the people playing this game as awful at fps

  14. It would be sop much harder to do this today with all the experienced players and the fact the guns have been nerfed so much

  15. i thought that i was an og i started playing 2019

  16. omg they had a kill animation back then!

  17. the new shell is completely different from this

  18. This game is in every school lol

  19. oh man this game was really different back then
    they should've kept the real gun style, it fits more and just make better gun models, the new ones look weird genuinely

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