ShellShockers highlights #1 -

ShellShockers highlights #1

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these are my best clips so far

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  1. @Bubbleaxe Can you make a shell shockers montage for my yt channel pls?

  2. ommggg bubbleass posted BIG FANNN 1ST BABby

  3. there is a big difference between editing the clips into a montage and the clips without editing

  4. Looks like this took 5min but cool clips.

  5. that ranked screen share clip of hydra and explo was the best.

  6. Ur legit the best editor out there and in the top 5 players bro keep up the good work 🔥 🔥

  7. Some of those shots…
    great vid! nice editing with the music to 🙂

  8. "Oh my god jetstream you just got fucking r-"


  9. well somehow bubble still shows in my recommended after quitting shell, but you don't disappoint.

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