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Many people wanted me to do this, so here we are,
testing the capacity of a controller vs a mouse and
keyboard, good thing we all know how this ends.

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  1. This is like THE PEN IS MIGHTIEST WEAPON video.
    But just like that video, it is very clear that a controller is a no-no for this game.

  2. Nice! But, How did you play with the controller?

  3. Moon, Im chardragon from discord! why cant I chat anymore? P.S. still couldnt find it

  4. How'd you connect the controller? I've been trying with my old xbox360 controllers

  5. Thanks for Steaming as always moon!

  6. how? i literally have the exact controller you're using and it's not working fer me

  7. With the update I’m gonna try this, get good, and prove to everyone at school that PC is better than console.

  8. Why does he always where that???!! So wired right. Omg wired. Is he lonly

  9. i actually tried controller and it is perfect and no offense but that means you are bad with the controller

  10. I think the one he did best with was either the shotgun or crackshot

  11. I did get better using a controller (usb game cube controller)

  12. Somebody please help i cant play controller soon as i move the controller my screen goes blue please help

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