Shell Shockers - Tips & Tricks: Intermediate's Guide + Giveaway Winner -

Shell Shockers – Tips & Tricks: Intermediate’s Guide + Giveaway Winner

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Plan to scramble eggs? Here’s another awesome tips & tricks just for you – the intermediate’s guide!

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  1. pls make an advanced too 😀 nice vid and edits man

  2. GG's cook gaming, can't wait for the third and final installment, also nice albino lmfao

  3. Thanks a lot vozzy! I stayed up till 11 P. M to watch this!

  4. Of course I lost. Well, I have to get ready for advanced guide now!

  5. I have a video idea for you, vozzy! Maybe you can do an epic battle of the edits with Elixr!

  6. Awesome video, thx for the tips! I consider myself an advanced player so looking forward to that video! Congrats to giveaway winner and congrats to u vozzy for albino from BWD! Nice edits as well, awesome video, really enjoy em!

  7. My second tip: If you see any two eggs fighting, throw an nade to attack and you simply got two kills in one attack. I did the triple nade kill once. This way you can reload your gun so easily and attack it. If you missed it, throw an nade or wait for one of the eggs to die.

  8. Next time I meet vozzy I will say ur aimbot coz ur sniper is locked to him lol

  9. Before saying the tips who will explain like this very CLEAN only problem is that Now everyone will be gud 😀

  10. What is hit marker sound? I still don’t understand.

  11. Aaah too much motion blur my eyes can’t proceed
    It 😂 thanks for the tips btw

  12. Hi good thank you very much it helped me bro

  13. Thanks Sooooo Much Vozzy you helped me better at aiming

  14. Its really goods this tricks im aimbot now

  15. hi, do u have skull bandana? if u do can u tell me if u won it in a giveaway. P.S I think I 1v1ed u a couple days ago u got a 30 kill streak, and u gave a code for jason mask. And also if u know the code for skull bandana can u plz tell me. Hopefully u will find this comment and respond to it. Thank u

  16. Best video ever – how long did this take u to edit? JEEZ. Whats ur editor?

  17. Sweet video Vozzy! We will promote this one for you!

  18. Vozzy may i know when will be the advanced tips coming out

  19. hmm, who do u have so many plg players in the video (doges, vital etc)

  20. The words fade away a little e to fast,I can't even pause to see them

  21. This is good but when I need to read the words are gone in 1 second

  22. @vozzy why is the only gun the p90 are there other guns,can you make more videos on the other guns

  23. this video made me so much of a better player

  24. Thanks..I am a pro now and am doing EGGBREAKER in every matches, u got a subscriber 😀

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