Shell Shockers - Tight Situation -

Shell Shockers – Tight Situation

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How did I get out of here alive??

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  1. Ok, egg breaker, nice gotta get that kill, ok… quite a bit of people. WTF DID HE TICK OFF THE FBI?!?

  2. If it was me I would of give up 😂 nice one!

  3. Nice job that is the longest egg breaker I have seen in a situation like that congrats

  4. I think you dropped this 🏆 ⬅️best streamer award

  5. Not trying to put you down, but how you get into bot lobbies

  6. 1 time i did that with scrambler and they were more than they all

  7. You broke the world record for the longest egg breaker ever

  8. Xd bro asemos pvp sin miedo ni estimado
    Name: ESCOPETA A

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