Shell Shockers Spin the Wheel Challenge! #3 | ft. @K4hhny -

Shell Shockers Spin the Wheel Challenge! #3 | ft. @K4hhny

[PLG] Nova
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Shell Shockers Spin the Wheel Challenge! #3 | ft. @K4hhny
The classic Shell Shockers Spin the Wheel Challenge is back! And with the best to do it, Me and K4. This was probably the funniest video ive ever recorded so I bet you’ll find it funny aswell.

—————– K4HHNY —————–

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Discord: _Nova#3456

0:00 Intro
0:24 Spin The Wheel
11:27 Outro/QnA Announcement

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  1. 1. W VID MANS!
    2. Q#1: smash or pass k4?
    3. what made u pic nova as ur name?
    4. is k4 ur fave cc to hang out with it?

  2. What is your best video iyo?
    which spiderman is better Tobey Maguire Andrew Garfield Or Tom Holland (dont choose the wrong one)

  3. Hey Nova, I was just wondering how did you improve so much from 2020 to 2021 also what would be your biggest advice for players to make it to the next level??

  4. hey nova you have been my insperation in the egg game and now i am so addicted to the game thanks for the vid

  5. Whats your favorite thing to do on your free time besides gaming? Also love your videos. U r an inspiration to me. Have a great day and hopefully youll answer this question. ❤👋👍

  6. Who was/is your favorite teacher? Do you play sports and what? Favorite food?

  7. Aight, i've spent countless hours looking in the cluttered filing cabinets that are my mind and have come up with these:

    -favorite movie/show
    -what games do you typically play (other than shell ofc)
    -favorite skin in shell (gun, hat, stamp wutever)
    -what or who inspired you to make shell content (cus you inspired me to make shell content tbh)
    -what is your favorite video of yours?

    and finally…wuts up with you and capybaras???

  8. Hi nova i am a fan u to k4 and i play shell-shockes

  9. Nova can have the Scalpendent scalpendent

  10. LESGOOOOOO THIS TIME ITS NOVA UPLOADIN NOT K4, Love your vids, they are better than all the killstreaks and shi

  11. LETS GOOOO AN UPLOAD!!!! I knew thats what you meant when you said you were making a lil sum. Fire vid as always, and I really hope you get the partner CC. (if i have a question for the q and a ill post it later)

  12. My Question: How did you mix schoolwork balance and creating content?

  13. assuming you drive what car do you drive? (if not what do you use to get around)
    and 2 can i have shoutout for no reason because im so cool XD?

  14. your yell kinda reminds me of technoblades idk why

  15. that is good content. my question is: what does shell shock mean to you and is your channel a big part of your life?

  16. My Q&A question's are….

    What's your favourite movie

    Who inspired you to become a shell shockers youtuber (your actually the first shell youtuber I saw, so you inspired me)

    What's some advice you'd give me on how to become better at Shell

    What are some videos you think will help my channel grow 🪴

    AND Lastly is your profile picture a Potato 🥔?

  17. Ok I'm sry I have to ask this, What IS the situation with u and Brooke

  18. This was definitely funny to watch 😀 Awesome video as always Nova! – to K4 Too XD

  19. Question From [PLG] KILZO: how many hours do you play shell shockers? Does your parents interupt your game between? Whats your favorite skin in shell shockers?

  20. This is so funny to watch, nice video as always

  21. Have u ever played comp shell (comp=competive) and if u have are u gonna return too it

  22. Hi Legend Nova, this is my Q&A: Are u gonna do the legendary 1v1 Gibby or any good players this year? How old r u, r u in college?

  23. We already seen the "Hand Reveal" in this vid, now its time for face reveal, Also (I've actually seen your face in one of phantom's vids of when he first 1v1ed you with a chromebook), idk how much that has changed, but still, a BANGER! 👀

  24. Looking forward to Q&A time! Couple 'o questions…
    1. Favorite skin in the game Shell Shockers (or a couple skins if it's too hard to choose!)
    2. If you were to create a skin for Shell Shockers (gun, stamp, hat, whatever) , what would it be? (doesn't have to be Nova themed, just in general)
    3. Which youtube video took the most work to make?
    4. Is there a video you wish got more views/likes?
    5. What are some things you'd like to change about the game Shell Shockers if you could?
    6. If you were to create a map in Shell Shockers, what would it be like?

  25. lmao funny shit keep this up this is beautiful

  26. @PLGNova
    why have you been gone so long?
    r u in collage now?
    and have u and k4 meet each other irl?

  27. thats one of the thousands of questions you will get

  28. i have been searching alot of shellshocker things but half of it is about nova

  29. i challenge you
    i dare you to beat me in 1v1

  30. Hey noVA Did you play shell shockers in 26/1/2024 morning, ive met you, my account name is Jacki guy

  31. Hey, I have a question, why doesn't cell phone shell shockers work to match a game? Did they close the servers?

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