Shell Shockers Sniper 1v1 -

Shell Shockers Sniper 1v1

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Today I played a free game call its a fun 1st person shooter to play with friends. I played with one of my good friends AlexGaming249. Go check out his channel. Hope you enjoyed


  1. Why the thumbnail have a pistol with the screen like you have a sniper

  2. When he said that reloading was stupid I was like every gun needs to reload

  3. The trouble with staying on the highest ground is that once you've ran out of ammo, you have to run all the way back down.

  4. hey i love your videos i made my own channel and you should check it out

  5. i got a message from shell shockers saying im in the top 1% of best shell shock players currently have 1223 kills

  6. Turns volume to 1 for intro, turns volume back to full for video

  7. My whole class playes thia game i wrecked them

  8. How do u get custom thumbnails if you aren’t verified? Like a tumbnail i can make

  9. uhhh you are aware fortnites a free game right?

  10. I didn't like the intro and you suck at this

  11. Ah yes… The OG shell shockers that everyone used to play 😁

  12. Alex gaming' mic is more clear than yours no offence 😂

  13. bro i remember this graphics back in middleschool

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