Shell Shockers Mobile?! + Let's Talk! -

Shell Shockers Mobile?! + Let’s Talk!

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  1. You heard him! Donate if you can! For the kids!!!

  2. i feel like shell on mobile is realistic but idk about the frames. it’s alr super hard too get good frames, but on mobile? i wanna see how they deal with the optimization for mobile. plus mobile players will clog up every MORE servers. they’ll have to buy a lot more if ppl r gonna be rly dedicated to mobile (which i doubt anyone will). anyway good vid! 🙂

  3. With with did u see about that albino hazmatt tell me plz

  4. dude im literally working on this sht in my high school..
    all im trying to do now is compariing

  5. hazmatt y el evento que presentaste es el mes que viene o este mes no entiendo

  6. That new map totally looks like Bastion. Nice vid Haz it was nice listening to what you thought the update was gonna be like
    I have a ton of extra money so I think I might donate. The chances will increase if theres a code or something to put money on the line for.

  7. If they add shell shockers to mobile, they need to add controller and keyboard and mouse support.

  8. That's awesome to hear, I can't wait for mobile, that will be awesome to have my account on my phone as well! And that flex of the albino crack too lol, that new map looks cool too, kinda like Bastion. And I will donate, but a code for Shell Shockers that I might be able to get will increase my chances to donate as well. Glad you are helping out this great cause Hazmatt 😉

  9. plz use different weapons in streak. videos like a k 47 or crackshot

  10. As mad as I am about the mole in our midst I appreciate the Polarized Moon Charity plug! By the way one of those leaks was bad information! You can't trust Spokesperson

  11. U have any why the Halloween skins are still in shop?

  12. How does one get the white snake crackahot?

  13. Guys i have a problem. I had a verey good acc in my old pc and i had log in. I know the email but in when i am in home page at shell shockers in my new pc there is no place that i can click and login

  14. shell shockers on mobile will be tough to play

  15. It says i have to subscibe to something indont know what it is

  16. you are getting lot of comments so mine will be in the ground so just saying that hope all of you have a great time 🙂

  17. there is a new premium gun its in the auto sniper if you wanna show it its cool

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