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Stream archive of Minecraft Shell Shockers map build

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  1. First time I watched this through! Amazing recreation Moon! Thanks!

  2. You are an amazing youtuber, me and my twin sister love you and your videos. We wish you luck for the many more videos we wish you will do in the future. 👍❤😄

  3. i love the vid. and i have a question how much money do you make?

  4. This is great! I love ur channel man keep it up. You'll get where u wanna be eventually 😁

  5. Shellshockers I play I have 10000002446866893633748746494 eggs

  6. Let me paly with you on minecarft java edtion

  7. Could have just counted 60 blocks. 20 x 3 = 60

  8. This is so cool moon you should do fortnite after this

  9. Hey moon, was someone also asking u questions while u were playing cuz at times u were talking to someone/people.

  10. Wait,wait,wait. Moon do u have long hair behind ur head cuz when u turned sideways I saw it.

  11. Holy crap, that is AWESOME! I could never copy what you dd

  12. I have no idea why ppl play minecraft it is just mining ,adventure,luck,fighting,crafting,creativity and when lose hardcore RAGE


  13. 18:13 because you didnt say daylightcycle false or whatever you said weather cycle 20:19 ok you realised

  14. I love ur vids and I think u should do casle arena its one of the smallest maps.

  15. I absolutely love your streams your streams are the best ever expeshley this one.

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