Shell Shockers Map Tier List! -

Shell Shockers Map Tier List!

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today i made a tier list of all of 37 maps you can play in shell shockers! i may or may not have had some controversial takes.. watch and see ;D

any and all comments are appreciated!

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  1. remember, this is just My opinion, all of your thoughts about it are completely valid…. unless you like sky scratcher 😉

  2. Sky is in the best maps tier boi! feedlot is decent, but other than that I agree mostly with the list

  3. Gray u got confused with your thought I think, sky scxratcher goes on teh top of the list!

  4. Thanks for the video Gray! Some super hot takes!

  5. I feel like remove from the game should be above alright dont play to much bc well u dont rlly play it dat much

  6. feedlot and castle are S teir wtf do you meannnn

  7. absolutely awesome video dude but… SKY SUPREMACY

  8. we have so much beef now I could open a burger store.

  9. I Never git to Join the FashionShow and i have a good skin and i might Win i dont now so if you could Graysocean Have a good day.

  10. i dont agree with feedlot as is it is best for me

  11. Dude, when i started this vid, i had alr put a like, the i saw where u put Feedlot… Maybe imma remove dislike later

  12. Can we agree that SKY SCRATCHER is one of the best maps 😏

  13. i think u may have been in my game yesterday or it was a fan pretending to be u

  14. 14:52 what! sky scratcher is one of my most favorite maps. u can just juke them

  15. I try to respect your opinions, but you're dead wrong here and should remove this video from youtube right away

  16. 99th like, you’re welcome soldier 07

  17. My tier list is everything sucks because I haven't gotten a 16 kill streak only 15.

  18. Hey gray how you get badoosh? anyways, its not related.

  19. Hey graysocean i am Lighting Cuber in discord

  20. I actually agreed with this list for the most part nice vid

  21. What's the music at the start of the video?

  22. Sky scratcher is epic, any gun can do well on it, the verticality leads to lots of cool midairs drop shots and such, and you can farm idiots who try to climb the ladder all the way up.

  23. only disagree with 1 thing and that is sky scratcher is the best map

  24. I used to HATE two towers but now I love it because it's good for RPEGG

  25. Feedlot is GOD1! besides maybe cluckgrounds, feedlot is da best crackshot map ever. crackshot most skill weapon and i love it

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