Shell shockers killstreak. 39 without a scope -

Shell shockers killstreak. 39 without a scope

thee owl
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thee_owl plays shell shockers so good that he gets a streak. but he is not smart enough to use a scope.
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-thank you for watching!

the game:


  1. hi, owl. about what i said on stream. i actually have autism myself, and am bi. i was referencing a creature representative of autism to some people, which has become somewhat of a meme online. autism does not make you any less human, nor does it make you stupid. it doesnt automatically make you a bad person, and even if you do have lower intuectual capabilities, you are still human. i dont have anything against people with autism, nor gay people, or i would be contradicting myself. i said that it looked like a gay flag because i thought it would be odd to have a pride flag pasted over an autism creature with that context, which i can see people would not understand. in short, i dont care if i get unbanned or not. just wanted to say sorry

  2. Good video, pro gamer. I'm also first so can I have a code?

  3. Hi owl i remember u said u would do a killstreak clickbait vid XD also this is some crazy editing

  4. hilo owl u should know who i am also noice commentary

  5. Dang bro was the virus link worth it to get you get a movie editor from the 90's

  6. Owl said "dead" exactly 44 times during this video.

  7. Now I can watch some slick Owly action on the Youtubes! Great Video Owl!

  8. i did a challenge where i couldn't stop scoping with crackshot and got 20 kills!

  9. You have red hair wtf ive missed so much simply last year Woaitsindy btw

  10. Wow good editing and face reveal and the albino too 🙂

  11. Bro your my favorite YouTube so I Buyed your skin hat

  12. The editing makes it 10x funnier! Haha. I guess their dead now

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