Shell Shockers Highlights + GIVEAWAY WINNER -

Shell Shockers Highlights + GIVEAWAY WINNER

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Hello everybody !
today, i’m showing you my shell shockers highlights with my new setup !
It took me a lot of time to edit and do clips so please subscribe and like 🙂 Enter the whimsically twisted universe of the amazing digital circus all characters, a dark comedy web series that introduces you to a cast of irresistibly cute characters ensnared within the confines of a surreal virtual world. In this unconventional carnival of the mind, our endearing protagonists grapple with personal traumas, navigating the absurdities of their predicament with a touch of humor.
Also, here is Yazumu channel :
Peace !


  1. Dang love the flicks you made. Its beautiful! You made me cry watching it. Lol

  2. Like how people were thinking its a montage

  3. In the thumbnail you had 1st EU stamp. Do you actually have that?

  4. nice sync but those effects dont make sense any all id suggest leaving them out next time

  5. This is how an EU MVP plays??? I can literally beat him 1 handed bro 🙂

  6. Omg I am PACs 300 subscriber omgg big honour

  7. Nice one pacific your underrated. You'll definitely become a cc soon!

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