Shell Shockers Hack! (aimbot, esp) WORKING MARCH 2021 -

Shell Shockers Hack! (aimbot, esp) WORKING MARCH 2021

Road To Victory
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no longer working


  1. Dude, u sound like a great yt, but pls not the hacking thing, for a player that plays scrims and other kind of pro matches, I just hate hacking vids, and try twitch to, it might help u,

    Ark Curse

  2. Thank you so much!! I really needed this aimbot since my aim sucks lol

  3. Omg i love the music its just like foldable flight

  4. The seeing through walls works, but the aimbot doesn't even though i followed everything in the video

  5. also the bar that has all of the options appears really small on my screen for some reason

  6. of nevermind about that second comment i just fixed it

  7. this used to work few days ago and now it gone, there is no hack visible,

  8. It used to work before, idk what happened now …the mid is not appearing…I've tried a lot, but it's not working…can u help

  9. but the damage is low bro when i shoot others

  10. I need help, and your discord code isn't working

  11. Could you help I have the skins but not the acc hacks

  12. Hello! I am new to your channel and the truth is that I liked all your videos and also this trick worked for me, but the shell shockers were updated and it no longer lets me use that trick: c

    and i wanted to ask you if you can update the hack

  13. its needs updating can you find the updated one and dothe same for this video thanks keep up the goodwork

  14. // ==UserScript==

    // @name ShellShock Hack (Aimbot, Esp, Skins) V5

    // @version 5.2.2

    // @description (Crackware) a mod for with aimbot,esp, and unlock all skins

    // @author TDStuart

    // @match*

    // @grant none

    // @namespace

    // ==/UserScript==

    // Attention GreasyFork Users : Read about the external script in the script info tab!

    // Please do not remove this or the credit to the creators of this mod. This mod took a long time to make, if you reupload this leave the credits to the creators.


    Created By : TDStuart

    Thanks To :

    Cryo – Developer (Helped with a bunch of code)

    Sadly L. – Developer (Helped with a bunch of code + made the esp)

    Alt – Created the name (CrackWare)

    JakeJeeperjinks – Admin and Helper with Youtube / Discord

    CrackWare Discord :


    var script = document.createElement('script');

    script.src = '//';

    script.type = 'text/javascript';


  15. i need to type it cant u just post the script in discription

  16. I don't get the black menu bar on top right of the screen. What do I do ?

  17. i dosnt show on my black dot thing

  18. It does not work 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  19. how tf am I supposed to see it when everything is blurred out

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