Shell Shockers Gameplay 2020. How I got a 49 Kill Streak on Shipyard. New Year Skin -

Shell Shockers Gameplay 2020. How I got a 49 Kill Streak on Shipyard. New Year Skin

JT Voyager
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This is a 49 kill streak on Shipyard, second day of 2019 ! Starting the year off great. Will be posting more shell shocker uploads be sure to like and subscribe!
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  1. 5 months later I'm back watching dis vid 🤣🤣

  2. good music taste. whats the track at 6:20? it sounds like dj smokey but it has the german speaking sample at the start so i'm not sure?

  3. I went to a acting school school and when it came to the editing part me and my friends played this we did a custom server it was only 7 of us (BTW I was the best cause I brought my gaming keyboard and gaming mouse I had a advantage.

  4. I got all the boys in my school hooked on to this game and then my school banned it

  5. Is there ways to camp? My classmates camped on second floor

  6. How u get 144fps isn’t it a 60fps cap?

  7. My school blocked this game from everyone cuz the whole class got caught playing .-.

  8. not ser como quitar el lag del juego o se me bugea :c

  9. Lol somehow I got a 51 streak
    I usually am plased with myself when I get a 20 streak id how but I got 51

  10. lo que le falta a este juego es mas modos y el tiempo y un modo que si perdes fuera osea un batlle royale solo eso este juego es re famoso

  11. i play this at school, the schools gonna block it soon but everyone has VPN lol

  12. Just got a 73 killstreak in class with a sniper on this map

  13. Un número muy alto pero mate 23 mi mayor record

  14. is shell shockers music copyrighted
    I want to post a vid like this!

  15. how can u play at school….. i m in India

  16. you should have had titled this 50 kill streak

  17. They was all noobs so it's easy to make 49 Kills but i have make 31 kills and it was very hard because everyone was very good

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