Shell shockers- Fite tips: space factory -

Shell shockers- Fite tips: space factory

thee owl
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Fite tries to give some tips in shell shockers but he is bad at making videos. This is a pretty short one. I hope you enjoy. Be sure to pop in and check out a twitch stream.
-Thee owl
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  1. omg im first hahahaha

    Btw Owl is bad Fite is good 😃

  2. niccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeee owl Jara here i think ik all of that xD LOL

  3. Expletive awesome video Owl! I for one would like to see more Fite and more of those sweet custom skins!

  4. Ngl some stuff said in here i never did lol, but you must include checking your back from time to time, you often get killed like so

  5. Nice video! I soon as I watched this I thought it was me playing because you play exactly like me 😂

  6. Name this channel after Fite cuz he’s better than u owl

  7. Just keep moving just keep moving
    –Dory XD
    Nice video this Fite dude sounds like a pro but sounds noob in stream. Hmm interesting.
    Also want nades? Here names no no no now take some more nades. Oh wait more nades take those too
    YES the Fite SONG!!!!!

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