Shell Shockers Evolution | 2017-2023 -

Shell Shockers Evolution | 2017-2023

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VIQ – Orbit

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Game: Shell Shockers (
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  1. im gana cry ant 2017 shell shockernow bro

  2. 2017 graphics are so simple yet good, sort of wish it was still like this.

  3. Anybody find the shotgun sound in 2019 satisfying

  4. Definitely remember playing this with my friends in school in 2017-2018. We still play this game to this day.

  5. I have been playing this game since 2018 and this is really accurate

  6. i remember playing this in 2020, it was a fun game

  7. That was great! Thanks for showing me all of the amazing growth that shellshockers had 😂

  8. I never played in 2017 but played in 2018. My brother started at 2017 (still trash at the game) so I still remember 2017

  9. i played in 2017 2018 quit and came back end of 2021

  10. Ain't no way you added effects to your own showcase to try to improve the quality 😂😂

  11. Dammit I shld have grinded this game when I first saw it in 2018….I would have gotten all the OG skins by now ;(

  12. Been playing since 2019 and I already see a huge difference back then in 2017.. Wow time really goes by so fast

  13. I miss the times back in 2028 when i had the most fun playing with my brother. We real Og's

  14. that was nice to remember back then🥲🥲

  15. Fun fact: the death sound of shell shockers was sound of chicken gun game

  16. i started playing in 2019 when covid started

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