Shell Shockers | Evolution 2017-2022 -

Shell Shockers | Evolution 2017-2022

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In this video, I made an evolution of Shell Shocker to 2017, to 2022.

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  1. Ahh… the game I used to play at 4th grade, good old times

  2. Bro the way they upgraded it was fabulous brings back so many memories lol

  3. I like the og Gun sounds it was so good back then you would have the crackshot reload was good ! (2008-2018)

  4. Used to tournaments in computer class in my elementary school like 4 years ago i miss it

  5. I've actually seen hazmatts vid and it was his 76 ks vid

  6. I remember playing this in middle school I liked it a lot

  7. iv played since 2017 these clips are very cool

  8. I only remember this because I played it in class in around late 17 early 18 lol

  9. It was really different then than now. The game has changed a lot .

  10. i remember when i first played the game in 2017. I mean, ngl but the game was fun back then compared to now!

  11. why the thank for watching took so long fuuny 🙂

  12. Nice account, are you planning on giving it away? I’ve always wanted a buck whipper, it’s the only one I haven’t got

  13. Uh that pistol from “2020” was released in october 2021

  14. Wow fantastic content! I really liked how we could see how Two Towers was built into the map it is today.

  15. let me guess, you used clipchamp to make this video

  16. Also that video of Hazmatt is 2021 not 2020

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