Shell Shockers Epic Montage by Huntra -

Shell Shockers Epic Montage by Huntra

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I tried to think of a cool acronym for it but failed so I just called it something more ordinary but still cool. I don’t normally make proper montages but still all other shell youtubers do it but I probably won’t make more for now as the next few videos will be exposing shell/comparison videos like scope and soldier vs whipper.
Song: SharaX – Hysterical


  1. Woah nice huntra , moon is second? Jk

  2. i love those pistol kills! and nice free ranger mids 😉

  3. its sad that im the one getting killed in the best shot, btw free ranger op

  4. I always enjoy a good free ranger montage! Subscribed and thanks for the video!

  5. The song is a remix for the world revolving (jester from deltarunes boss music)

  6. lmao you hit so hard with the free ranger god

  7. I don't think you need to wait that long to be that precise. U have 15 shots u can afford to miss a few. I aim like u with a crack.

  8. At 23 secs the shots are lined with the best xD

  9. And btw huntra has mastered the techniecs of the free ranger

  10. Amazing! Best montage I have ever seen no joke! 😀

  11. It would be sweet if i 1 vs 1 u on free ranger

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