SHELL SHOCKERS BUT ITS 200 IQ - Shell Shockers -

SHELL SHOCKERS BUT ITS 200 IQ – Shell Shockers

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Title: Death by Glamour
Game Title: Undertale
OST: Mettaton EX’s battle (68th Soundtrack in the Undertale Soundtrack)

Serious Thanks To WizardSupport! You Can Check Out His/Her YT Too- …

Credit to RealSwi for giving me the vid idea!

Game: Shell Shocker Made By BlueWizardDigital
Shell Shocker – BlueWizardDigital Game
Link- ​​​​​​​​
Blue Wizard Digital Server- ​​​​​​​​​​
Invite Your Friends To Play This Game And A Lot Of His Games Too

Ends here 😉

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  1. That first clip I did that for 6 whole minutes till the dude got killed 😂😅

  2. insane shots and like at the first 5 clips u had 36 ks and 22 ks 0_0, i think it will look better as a montage but still really good video 😀 (u just got a sub)

  3. i get good clips but i dont really have the popularity for people to see them

  4. holy shit your good. My highest streak is only 37 damn

  5. Tell me sharkbucks is a girl?! maybe nah he mean to me 🙁

  6. It's the best shot I've ever seen and it's also extremely crit

  7. lol i never got to shoot these nasty shotguns

  8. keyboard and mouse is easy bruh try on laptop with no mouse and only a trackpad. 😉

  9. ma man needs a battle with hasmatt and graysocean🌊

  10. I Litterally was in a match with you b4 and here iam

  11. Yo dude coach me pls send the discord

  12. my shell shockers name is sweat too :0

  13. still the best video in ur channel up till now

  14. I have discovered someone better than hazmatt today

  15. ShellShockers newbies they are funny, doing their acts, they are made me happy

  16. Bro called me dumb in 2 different languages 💀

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