Shell Shockers Basket Bros UPDATE -

Shell Shockers Basket Bros UPDATE

FlygOn LiTe
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  1. Bro I won 15 games but did not get the code thing, do uk y?

  2. 🙁 i won 15 matchedd but didn't get the code

  3. Here is a tip : If the opponent has the ball and you spawn in the middle press G and take the ball and do a slam dunk and you can do the same loop but sometimes the AI will juke you by going backwards.

  4. You must have great wifi I tried using your theme but is very laggy 🙁

  5. Flygon, I found you on yt on accident. I remembered your name from my twitch chat. Great to see you, I subscribed.

  6. Nice video! Wish I could buy the premium shotgun. I saw this video on my hole screen on YouTube.

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