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Shell Shockers

Blue Wizard Digital
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The world’s greatest egg-based in-browser first person shooter. Play now at for FREE!


  1. Who would like a 100 player PvP version of this game?

  2. i watch this daily bc im so awed that it was so diff back then

  3. Excuse me, blu wizard friends, I'm new to yotube and I'm creating my shell shockers channel, could you give me some codes to redeem?

    I await your answer friends

    here I send you my Gmail

    I am your fan

  4. itts way better now all u guys playyyyyyy it u see this vid epic right? its even better now and i didnt know that was pos guys playyyyyy itttt

  5. Great game, but horrible community.

  6. this game is so diffrent to my computer

  7. Shell Shockers in 2017: No Skins, 3 Guns, No Lore
    Shell Shockers Now: Noobs Begging for Codes, EGG ORG Takeover

    This game has really changed in 3 years

  8. Blue wizard digital should make story based games
    Who agree with me?

  9. Yo can you plz put this back out on internet explorer like I would really love it

  10. I got an error message. It says This game version is out-of-date. I tried every solution it says. PLS help me!!!!!

  11. crazy looking back at this video now. the game has changed so much now. *repsect to BWD for creating a game Like this

  12. I might live stream this. I'm not sure though, but we'll see

  13. blue wizard as much as i like shellshockers i love it but one thing please take away vip bc its so annoying how we cannot earn our cool items i liked it before you added the vip thing because i loved the egg shell coulors and egg doubler and many of my friends have stopped playing because of this please bring back thold stuff like star wars and the egg dodubler and shell coulors thanks i you read this keep on doing your good work at your hq

  14. Who got this in their recommended after about 3 years??

  15. I kinda loved the old graphics, I wish they brought them back

  16. this is some huge flashbacks from when shell was just developing in school

  17. 藍精靈數碼,我想知道,請問要如何才能獲得槍的兌換碼?

  18. Hey can I get the youtube icon near my name in shell shockers plss

  19. If only they released something of where they’re talking about how you should have a junior account or something they should make a junior account or just a regular account that’s what I want them to do is to make either a junior account or a regular account so teachers won’t stop talking about this game because if they keep on talking about it then she’ll shockers is going to get shut down it’s the adults that are addicted to technology as we are.

  20. When my big cousin is grade 6 he played it and he got detention

  21. blue wizar pudes agregar en shell shockers un modo de juego llamado zombies survival

  22. This year's Shell shockers gun sound is very very cute!! I think you make same another one and it is based character by crabs. and do not add limited gun clips…

  23. Imagine the reload being that fast now. It would be stupidly op.

  24. i played shell shockers for a couple of years but i have a problem


    scrambler doesn't do enough damage

    whipper doesn't have enough ammo anymore which is sad cuz i love the whipper

    hope you address my problems soon and solve them 🙂

  25. Why can't I play it on iPad fan you please fix it

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