SHELL SHOCKERS 1v1 WITH EWA! (it was hell) -

SHELL SHOCKERS 1v1 WITH EWA! (it was hell)

[PLG] Nova
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SHELL SHOCKERS 1v1 WITH EWA! (it was hell)
so a while back you know I won the 2019 P90 and Ewa also happened to have it so we 1v1d and lets just say it took forever… watch till the end to see who wins(and there may or may not a giveaway towards the end of the video)

Discord Server:

More Nova:
Discord: _Nova#3456

0:00 Intro
0:18 1v1
7:37 Outro/Giveaway

(Also thx viking for letting me use his thumbnail idea)

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  1. Imagine if the nade at 1:52 fell down the ladder and caught you before you realized…

  2. I often spent an hr of using p90 in 1vs1! That also make me angry about that !hehe! I made it to the end

  3. I made to the end lol and its a very nice 1v1 (even though ewa keeps running) lol

  4. I miss the old days of ss. Ewa has gotten a lot more good since I saw them (which was a while ago)

  5. Nick is a true egg game player he has his homework priorities last

  6. Insanely splendid, bud! I really enjoy and always expect your videos. Also I really got to say, you're funny!!! Alliance.#9635

  7. yup i made it to the end

    you know my discord tag 🙂

  8. Ewa be speed hacking 🙂
    made it to the end!
    Eternatus#5225 – No trolling this time plz.

  9. Nice 1v1 ewa is good at dogging
    And I made it to the end

  10. uu have any discord groups doing tryouts for clan cuz recently i leaded this clan named RAVEN but now im looking into more pro clans like plg if u do have tryout discord groups pls send me invite BIG FAN!

  11. hey nova watched to the end hope I win 😉 btw I would like it if u 1v1ed hazmatt

  12. You should 1v1 phanty or 2v2 you and phanty vs ewa and viking

  13. lmfao nice 1v1 couldnt stop laughing
    Made to the end of the vid lol

  14. Nova op wow, time to party cuz novas back with weekly upwoads

  15. I made it to the end; ur welcome for the watchtime; nice video; and you already know my discord lol

  16. Wow that was so *INTENSE*! ggs! Nova lol i love ur qualityyyyy so smoooothhhhhhhhhhhhhh 240 fpsss…. me 20… 🙁

  17. You Should 1v1 Hazmatt. It would be 2 legends fighting.

  18. I don’t really like shell shockers anymore, I might come back but goodbye

  19. 1v1 me I got a mic, and I am not 12 haven't played for so long tho.

  20. If anyone is an ewa supporter go unsubscribe to her channel

  21. insane 1v1 im new here and you guys are really good
    i made it to the end of the video

  22. I liked this video. Think about promotion, things like g e t 4 v i e w s can help you to find your target audience.

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