Shell shockers 100+ BEST snipe kills -

Shell shockers 100+ BEST snipe kills

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This video has different parts to it.I’ve listed them in the comments section. You can pick a different one if you get bored with one. and be sure to Subscribe, like and comment.!
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  1. Brooooo ur so good i want to play SHELLEGG gun simmulator!!!!!!!!!ps i am in the vid so im cool now and dad stopped hitting mom

  2. There are different parts to this video. in case you get bored with one, You can watch a different one that's even greater.
    Here's the list.
    00:000:075:25 is part one (Music one)
    5:2610:24 part 2 (Music 2) Must listen to)
    10:2511:36 = 10 Killstreak.
    11:37 > BEST play of the video. ⚠️ *MUST WATCH*✨
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