Shell shockers 10 Things you have to try right now. -

Shell shockers 10 Things you have to try right now.

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There might be more things that we players might not know about. If you know something that I didn’t mention in the video, let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Need better quality for ur vids and everybody already knew all of these

  2. Shout out to Jackson Bamsey! second to comment on this video.>

  3. Hey is ur nitrotype account unbanned?

  4. Dang your good. And thank you so much for the tips 😀

  5. this honestly should be called Helpful tips not things you "need" to try bu tgood vid


  7. Hey dude can u tell what is ban code there is some code that if u enter in chat the person gets ban plzz tell me

  8. Wow great job. It must have took you forever to get into all of those maps just so you could show all the tips.
    Having to join and log off over again and again

  9. we all know these and some of the things you explained like the jumping on pipe you can do it easily

  10. play me hang on im in a match right

  11. bro if u wanna throw a greanede far u have to press the arrow for long

  12. The jumping off a building and through a window one is so awesome! If someone was chasing you and you did it they would jump off the building after you but you wouldn't be at the bottom.

  13. i dont want to sound rood but is this how you usaly play if so you suck.
    just saying

  14. pls make a video that howto climb the top of mud gulch

  15. Wow this has a lot of comments this is for the cash

  16. These are really obvious but still g'joob on the vid

  17. This dude thinks were fucking stupid

  18. why did u state all the most obvious things and put them in a vid?

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