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real rich and spoiled kid lololo

CC Requirements: 850 Subs
Omegaplex: 438 Subs
0.51/1 There!!!!

(500 By August??)
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  1. Holy!!!!! I can even keep 15k in my wallet, and yet u can keep 1mill without spending!!! Great video and why on the last kill was there $0??????❤😂🎉

  2. nice 1 mil is hard to get and u should do an inventory tour plzzzz

  3. It's kinda cheating, from how you have the VIP. I know that, when you have VIP, and you kill someone per one kill, your eggs rank by 70+, and with no VIP, and you kill someone per one, your eggs rank up to 30, heh whatever!. Congrats and keep up with the grinding!

  4. hm i promise it not shared but like i got this long time ago now i have 1.5 mil egz

  5. That is a big achievement that I am not even close to 😂 congrat

  6. i remember finding that game on accident, nice one

  7. meh I have spent 1.7+ million, you reaching 1 mil is pathetic little man

    jk xd

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