Shell League Best of Season 6 | Shell Shockers Montage -

Shell League Best of Season 6 | Shell Shockers Montage

Shell League
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This montage consists of the best clips from all of Season 6! Thanks to all of the players, and the staff, who made this season possible!

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Edited By: Gibby
Cinematics by: NotCluso & Gibby
Thumbnail by: Professor_JAX
– Each season lasts 8 weeks
– 4 v 4 or 3 v 3 (Depending on the amount of players available on each team)
– Once you are eliminated stay dead for the round no respawns or despawns once round starts (if you despawn you are considered dead, no exceptions ). Switch teams and sides after your team wins/loses.
– Best of 7 rounds (if you win 4 rounds you win full game)
-All games played on Castle
– Players start the round after the word “go” is typed ex: (3, 2, 1, GO)
-You must have your clan tag in your name, and your name must be there.
– No subs allowed, roster sizes are now 20 players if you fail to show up it will be excused for the first time and moved to a make up day, But the absence after the first excuse will result in a forfeit giving your opponent a automatic 4 – 0 win
-5 minute rounds. After 5 minutes, if there is still players, they go to middle of castle where the flags are. All remaining players jump into the middle after ref counts down. No despawning to change class.
-All players in your games “roster” must be on the shell league discord
-Top four clans are garenteed for next season (if they decide to re-enroll) the other four spots are wild cards including some who have competed and some new ones, we have decided to only have eight teams per season
– Team leaders can not leave there team in the middle of the season to join another team if there team is participating in that season
-All guns, stamps, and hats are allowed.


  1. yo, how do i get into a shell legue comp?

  2. First we has

    SSG montage
    Then PLG montage
    Now shell league montage

    In like 3 weeks

  3. not a huge SL fan, but still an amazing video. Wish I had these skills.

  4. Hamzatt has double the amount of subs ripppp

  5. i like this montage its great, hope BUP will be part of shell league one day(my clan)

  6. I'm in PLG but i still don't have these sick skills

  7. Just joined a shell shockers clan, excited for the next season.

  8. quick question did you need to ask permission to use this song if so where did you ask
    Thanks 🙂

  9. bruuuuuuuuuuuh i just love re watching this

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