Sharkbucks vs Aurora (PART 2) | Shell Shockers -

Sharkbucks vs Aurora (PART 2) | Shell Shockers

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Music: Underpass – Doug Maxwell, Jimmy Fontanez (long) [Copyright Free]


  1. Great Job Sharkbucks, you have improved so much!

  2. OMG I just saw aurora vs shark bucks part 1 yesterday😱😱…any ways nice to see u back 🙂

  3. What's up with all these bucks 🤣

  4. Such a weird map to 1v1 on. But exciting nevertheless!

  5. None of y’all are good lol I think anyone would’ve beat the both of you like 10-3 or sm like that no offense

  6. Nice vid! From the flashbacks I think you improved a lot! Nice game Aurora

  7. SHARK WON WHATTTTTT. fun game though, aurora probably having a bad day 😉

  8. Wow… I remember you… It's been a year or two
    I remember logging into animal jam and getting my spare accounts and looking up who was live on YouTube lol
    All the raids were fun and I hope you had fun too (that was why I made the 21 accounts)
    I hope I didn't ever come across as annoying or irritating
    -Doge Army

  9. sharkbucks what font do you use in your thumbnails?

  10. i have a friend who is a Blue Digital Wizard mod.

  11. I hope you get more subscribers

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