SCRAMBLING EGGS - Shell Shockers | Casual Friday -

SCRAMBLING EGGS – Shell Shockers | Casual Friday

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I honestly don’t know why I find so much
enjoyment in this game, I don’t usually like to
play PVP games, but this one is really fun.

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  1. This is the ONLY high quality video of shell shockers I’ve seen on YouTube EVER.

    I absolutely love this game, and you should make more vids!

    For the few watching,(like me, and a variety of other peeps) make more of this series.

    Great vid.

  2. play with me. got 2,800 kills and 2,000 deaths and best kill streak is 15 (just started 3 weeks ago ok!)

  3. This is literally the most famous youtuber that plays shell shocker no one else plays shell shockers

  4. I'm glad bigger channels are giving Shell Shockers the attention it needs. It's a really fun game that I've been hooked on for a few months. Btw if you see me playing I usually go by the name of "Nitterz". See ya on the battlefield

  5. I haven’t loged in but I’m a pro

  6. How do you have all the guns i need 1 more sniper

  7. When you die and you have to wait 5 seconds 😐😑😒

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