Scope Only Challenge | Shell Shockers -

Scope Only Challenge | Shell Shockers

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Hey! Today I am attempting the “Only Scope Challenge.”

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Thanks to infinite smasher who actually made the scope!

Discord: yahboyyah#7904
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  1. ummmm hi i need to learn how to 360 plsssssss guysssssssss

  2. oh i thought you will hold scope for the whole game that will be more challenging 🙂 btw 0:40 epic

  3. this should be on unexpeted kills part 4 also i got a clip for u on he 27th

  4. I think u can hold the scope for the whole game, it’s more challenging and fun

  5. Yahboyyah this challenge is good, just dont do it on moonbase, it is impossible and is all low ground

  6. 0:33 breh its scope only lol
    edit: oh right i thought u meant running in scope and everything i stand corrected
    thats what i do lol

  7. I thought you were holding the scope for the whole game… a bit of a let down man.

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