Scim & 1v1 Highlights #3 | Shell Shockers -

Scim & 1v1 Highlights #3 | Shell Shockers

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Sorry if this vid was long but if you got to end your amazing! Also Fate Im willing to join ELM 😉

Thumbnail by: Me

My discord server 😁


Goal: 500 Views, 40 Likes 😊

Thanks for 658 Subscribers 🤯

Tags to grow my channel lol 💀
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  1. Well done syncing! But dude comon the first song was 🔥 the 2nd one tho ☠️

  2. dadddyyy yaaanlllll ❤UWUUU lol jk, nice vid bro

  3. nice.. bro yaboi tht one wiht qweene was actuals kinda easy

  4. I’m using the first song 😅 but really nice shots. First one was crazy daddy yanaal 😂

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