Realswi vs STREAMERS Compilation - Shell Shockers -

Realswi vs STREAMERS Compilation – Shell Shockers

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shoutout to the streamers in this video: King_hayden, Novosuper, Smoothcyan, Thedefaultsaint, The gigon, Thee_owl, SupersphinxH_


  1. Ok ok, I never said he was hacking, just sus, lol, I remember that game! Nice one swi!

  2. Still my favorite YouTuber! Gotta 1v1 u someday!

  3. Bro deadass stop hacking it’s making the game boring

  4. Bro with the 60 fps flicks 💀
    Amazing shots though.

  5. I would lob to 1v1 u one day and get destroyed so I can get know how to destroy people(in game ofc)

  6. nova 😂this video proves your skill is on a whole new level

  7. bro you crazy at this game, even on 60 fps its so smooth!

    and so is that fps

  9. Who tf even is SmoothCyan and his voice smh
    Nice shots swi

  10. Holy! I loved how you sit it and their reactions. This is perhaps the best shellshockers video I have seen that I liked a lot; literally the best! I loved novosuper reactions and the guy that was hiding but then u just killed him lol . BEST VID SHELLSHOCKERS I HAVE SEEN❤😂

  11. I’ve never seen such insane aim before, you’re better than those random dudes with the default names with 50+ kills

  12. swi i killed u a few timees when u were under cover lol

  13. Lmfaooo “I’m lagging” 😂😂😂😂

  14. bro that makes me so happy seeing myself in one of the owl streams at the end

  15. Let us all take a moment to appreciate this godly shell player who possess the ability to execute the best flicks and trickshots ive seen in my life. Respect!

  16. Your so calm with the shots and the streamers are trying there best 😂

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