RAREST SNIPE EVER RECORDED in ShellShockers.io - leegamestore.com


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  1. I started playing this game now everyone at my school does… 🤣

  2. Ah another clickbait video… Maybe instead of using the title " Rarest ever snipe." Just put, a few moderately ok snipes p.s. I don't know what I'm doing…

  3. bra that is not special just custmize your gun with eggs and download new version

  4. He killed a guy with a 16 kill streak

  5. What u play shell shockers too wow i love playing shell shockers

  6. Actually shoot for the middle of the egg it does more damage eggs don’t have heads anyways?!!?

  7. You can go inventory when you did and get a better gun

  8. The Crackshot is the best gun for sniping.

  9. how u do this vid? i want to start a gaming channel on a chromebook acer

  10. I am the not tfue in the first game but that was when I sucked

  11. Im gamming sniper inorder to hide my identity i made a new account

  12. why does he sound like a kids gelatin making channel tho

  13. Tip: aiming for the middle of an egg deals the most damage, rather than the head 🙂 ur welcome

  14. 60,000 subs before next year with 0 videos yeet says:

    my steak is 61

  15. Noice video! thanks for making the vid! You should check in with the changes we have made!

  16. Am I the only one here after it was updated

    BTW now if u get a 5 kill streak you start glowing with stars and it protects u more

    And if u get a 10 kill streak you start glowing red

  17. so where was that "RAREST SNIPE EVER" you talked about??? clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait

  18. Thanks for making this video of our game Baxtrix! I'll reach out to you about a followup! We have a TONNE of updates to the game now and can if you like add in some Baxtrix skins to the game!

  19. ohhhhhhhhhhh 3 years later and the game is way more better.


    how you get that soldier gun? tell me and what the code of shell shockers?

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