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W viewer fr ong

And yes, I’m well aware this isn’t the rarest item in the game but yk how it is, we need to clickbait to make it outta the trenches 🙏🏽

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If you are reading this, have my kids!


  1. mad respect for you bro, keep up the insane work🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. I love how this mf is the best trackpad player ever these trick shots r crazy

  3. Bro please share your controls your my big fan rn 😊

  4. Gotta love the fact how mandem can do all these insane trickshots on touch pad, i can barely get it to register when i play Tpd

  5. slay queen gowrlboss <3 stay slutty my man


  6. Wow. This is fire. Congratulations on the code and a subscriber! W Clips. Pin me?

  7. Fire 🤣 So clean. gimme that theme. also still rockin those bloom hacks jkjkjkj.
    anyway clean asf monty UPLOAD MORE

  8. nahhhhh, 76 subs? How come i never heard of you in my own shell hall of skill tier?

  9. #1 cutest oce trackpad player smash fr theme?

  10. yo is ur theme out it looks cool and insane shots

  11. "Thats the wrong hole, no it isnt btc you tripping YUH" 🤘🔥🔥 Amazing vid as always moon!

  12. bro is one of the finest players in shell keep up the clean work and nice editing

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