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*RAMP IT UP* Challenge | Shell Shockers

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  2. Best phrase ever, “The only person who can kill Hazzmatt is himself.”

  3. for RPEGG dont shoot the person shoot walls/floor near them

  4. 10:27 u had ur cursor right on him that would have been the easiest kill ever

  5. And your eggs are not going it's not going like money I meant

  6. I met u on shell shock so many times. I’m Star Clash YT

  7. Why don't you use Free Ranger over Crackshot? Crackshot does allow more room for error, but Free Ranger has 15 shots/clip so you can spam click in close range fights.

  8. I think the tri-hard is worse than the rpegg. It is a pointless weapon😂

  9. 4:38 is it ME or is the whole server the shell shocker classic names? Check the leader board!

  10. But nobody gonna talk about he didn't get any eggs?

  11. hey Hazmatt sry fr asking a dumb question maybe but u got so many gun skin but I dont have all those in inventory, where did u get it?

  12. hey you just played me making sure it is you

  13. Did you guys notice that even after so many kills his egg coins stayed 6205?

  14. You mads I am a friend of Hazzmat. Really.

  15. if you are a pro play with me i am grayocean

  16. Honestly, this makes me want to play shell shockers.

  17. Did anyone notice that he doesn’t get eggs when he kills someone?

  18. I was in this video, at 5:27. I remember you kept switching weapons. In the chat we kept saying are you the real hazmatt, this explains it

  19. I knew today that hazzmat has 12.1k subs and he has his own skin so the gas mask stamp we see is his skin

  20. Was it only me or did Hazmatt's yk egg coins not go up even though he was getting kills like they were stuck at 6205

  21. Hazmatt on discord it says I can't message you Idk why thoe!

  22. I'm tired of people using your name and then finding out they suck and they obviously are fake

  23. 8:35 ok now we’re on the auto sniper actually it’s the normal sniper

  24. I don’t like the rpegg but is cracked at it lol. Only weakness is shotgun and p90. Crack shot is easy kill lol.

  25. I personally don't know if there is a glitch in the game the glitch properly just great aim. While i was playing the shell shockers game i recently die

  26. Hazmat why do you die every time you complete a gun streak like can you just keep your kills and press the magnifind glass and swap ur weapon


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