Raid.Land Skin Showcase | Shell Shockers -

Raid.Land Skin Showcase | Shell Shockers

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The skins can be viewed on They cannot be viewed on for the time being.

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  1. How do you get the crossbow crackshot skin?

  2. Are you gonna be playing raid land once the new update comes out?

  3. How u able to see that skins early? Partnered with bwd?

  4. They might make the pistol skin exclusive like what they did with the Nuke Zone skins

  5. who else if from dev? 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  6. And hazmatt you’re like same egg as me I need to grind a lot, at least get 15k or higher so I can get maybe 2 hats and 2 skins? Idk

  7. Time to grind. I haven’t played Shell for over a month. I one thousand away from getting the snake skin the face thing. If it was the weekend, I would actually go sweaty tryhard.

  8. hi, uwu im from shell shockers (somegirl lol)

  9. Yes is New skin y love this but 6500 what y no facil this

  10. Guys can we have 3000 subcriber for hazmatt pls,tks

  11. I bought the whipper, and the eggk-47 the shotgun, and the sniper no joke

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