"Pulse Is Back!!!" Shell Shockers Mini Montage | "PAID MY DUES" NF - leegamestore.com

“Pulse Is Back!!!” Shell Shockers Mini Montage | “PAID MY DUES” NF

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Thank you so much to one of the Aries Creative Team Editors, wxntrr make sure to go sub to his channel he’s really good and will be insanely better one day.

yes I am back on Youtube and more videos to come this is also to 100 subs that I recently passed so thank you guys for that

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  1. Nice! that was really good, especially the thumbnail..

  2. Wxnterr sent me a sneakpeak of the first shot, I was astounded, now, I'm mind blown. This. Was. Amazing. The thumbnail was really cool too

  3. Thanks for the video Pulse! Nice one!

  4. Yoooooooooooooo they used my boy NF this is sickk

  5. i like the clips, but the editing effects ruin them a lil bit, however gg

  6. Could have added more sfx but nice btw don’t use same effect (shake) for most of the clips
    Sick montage tho 😉

  7. sheeesh so good ontage bythe way which app do u use to make ur thubnails

  8. Pulse is back! More like Pulse is Back in MCDONALDS LMFAO!

  9. Im in pulse im in comp team 1 mod and tryouter more stuff too

  10. hey bro this video could use some more ram?

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