PTG vs EXL: (Season 3 Eggshibition 1) -

PTG vs EXL: (Season 3 Eggshibition 1)

Shell League
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PTG vs EXL, the best two teams go head to head.

Come join the fun!
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Shell league is the official Shell Shockers league. We offer a competitive community for Shell Shockers players who want to take their game to the next level!

– 4 v 4 or 3 v 3 (Depending on the amount of players available on each team)
– Once you are eliminated stay dead for the round no respawns or despawns once round starts (if you despawn you are considered dead, no exceptions ). Switch teams and sides after your team wins/loses.
– Best of 7 rounds (if you win 4 rounds you win full game)
– Players start the round after the word “go” is typed ex: (3, 2, 1, GO)
-You must have your clan tag in your name, and your name must be there.
– Roster sizes are now 10 players
-5 minute rounds. After 5 minutes, if there is still players, they go to middle of castle where the flags are. All remaining players jump into the middle after ref counts down. No despawning to change class.
-All players in your games “roster” must be on the shell league discord
– Team leaders can not leave there team in the middle of the season to join another team if their team is participating in that season
-All guns, stamps, and hats are allowed.
Track: Tobu – Life [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.


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