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Professional Chillaxer | Shell Shockers

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  1. lucky for you guys who have snow
    my place does not even have snow 🙁

  2. 4.46 to 5.00 actually shows that u are a pro nice gun skin and streak!

  3. Insane absolute streak best shotty player in shell history. Really enjoy the video perfect chilling.

  4. Just too good that hes even getting kills while talking and doesnt look like hes trying *AT ALL*

  5. "I'm not sure what im gonna do"
    Gets a 37 ks while commentating

  6. I played with you, I was "THE (f)ARTIST" remember me? Great to see you are back

  7. Did u just swear at 0:10 ???? Rude! Jk jk lmao I get it haha nice vid

  8. thanks for the great video. I have watched many of your videos and tried to make Shell shockers videos like you. Good play

  9. Make a video and get 10 kill streak in every gamemode without dieing. 🌝

  10. Hazmatt's Channel Back Alive!

  11. Hazmatt can you play adopt me it also a roblox game pls record it

  12. Just pls record adopt me this time just do it hazmatt pls all you do in you channel is shellshocker can you change it up and play adopt me

  13. I don't, mean quitting shellshockers I mean spice it up and play another game play adopt me

  14. Do you have roblox because can you make a video about adopt me pls just do it now

  15. What DPI do you use, but great gameplay! So chill 🙂

  16. The great Hazmatt is back again to crack some eggs!! You are a great player Haz! I really like your skills and you as a good player!! Hope to meet you in Shell Shockers if I am lucky lol!! But do you remember you came in Teams where you came just to play and knew a player named "The Executioner "? Pls answer this if you know this name. Will be much obliged.Anyways I conclude saying your a nice player Haz!!

  17. I've been thinking to get the buckin for shotgun as Hazmatt said buck skins do more dmg..does that apply for shotguns too?

  18. Now your doing daily uploads since there was a break where you didn't upload for like 2 months

  19. Btw, how does he have 144 fps and I have like 30fps and 700 ping

  20. bro how do you get the crss hair to godown that qick

  21. do you think you could send me a shellshock code to play on monday cause i really want to play with you

  22. I love how u go through the comments and reply. Some YouTubers never reply but you reply you give hearts it's awesome. You clearly care about your fans that is just amazing.

  23. as a fellow Illinoisian I can agree with you on the weather. Sometimes its so funky like it was 75 in december and its like what.

  24. whyu have some gun that i dont have, is that code?? <:)

  25. climate change is real also love ur content

  26. Hazmatt You crush my high kill streak, your really good. My high streak is 45. so you beat me big time. Keep it up.

  27. Hazmatt: insane 80 ks
    Me: craPPY 20 ks w/ trash crackshot skills

  28. ok please DON'T be offended but I saw a video that beat ur 87 killstreak his or her killstreak is 179

  29. where im from we get snow in september and stops im may

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