PRO GAMER MOVE - Shell Shockers + Giveaway -

PRO GAMER MOVE – Shell Shockers + Giveaway

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Giveaway –
Time to try out the shotgun again, I’m still
not that great with this thing, but I did alright.

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  1. For this giveaway do you have to provide gmail?

  2. 48,688 kills

    "Yeah, I don't play that much" – PolarizedMoon

  3. You use the shotgun now and so do I

  4. Can I ask a question there is no green gun in the game how he got it there is pink , rainbow, brown ,,, sometimes I see people with green and yellow gun can someone tell me how ? ❤️❤️

  5. Do you think the shotgun is the most powerful weapon on the game?🤔

  6. Moon is the best

    Good luck to peeps who are in the giveaway

    Do u thing to do like chellenges?

  7. I'm back hey man! U prob don't know me but I'm TypicalDarkgamer sup

  8. How do you even get a 6.14 KDR in any game holy shit

  9. I thought that i played with you before but it wasn't you

  10. what is the code moon for your server private

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