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POP GUN – Shell Shockers

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A few new things to cover, a new gun,
and a new stamp! Maybe someday
we’ll get a Techno free ranger.

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  1. That pistol is so funny the sound is so cool

  2. I have played with moon 7 times, and beat him 3 times

  3. Wow great its premium and you buy it rich ppl 🙂 nice video btw

  4. lol the lag I've never seen a YouTuber show the lag they have
    btw is the pop gun rapid-fire or are you pressing a lot

  5. Very cool, didn't think it would sound like that though ngl

  6. Awesome video! The new mic is great sounds crystal clear and very professional

  7. lol once they have all the guns out you should make a song with them

  8. Great vid,unlucky ur game was being weird,love the new gun

  9. I remember this game. Maybe I'll get back into it sometime.

  10. That voice is poppin off! Thanks for the video Moon!

  11. Also moon where can you get that MOD BWD stamp?

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