PLG_Nova's first ever Shell Shocker Scrim! 8/29/21 -

PLG_Nova’s first ever Shell Shocker Scrim! 8/29/21

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Bro i really thought I was the shit back then💀


  1. if yall are wondering why i said the audio corrupted, its cuz it corrupted in the editing software but the export fixed it.

  2. So how 'bout that CC on the second account? 😂

  3. damn bro i reckon youll smash it in scrims and shell ranked, your alr one of the best players

  4. fear baby nova – also play more comp shell bro ur actually insane at egg game

  5. ur mouse speed mustve been really high, its like shaky lol

  6. wait wait what i thought u had played for plg b4

  7. Hi more nova, when will nova post a video again. Miss his videos.

  8. When clans actually played scrims. Good Ol days 🙁

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