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[PLG] Vital | Shell Shockers Remastered

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  1. I just saw one of the same clips over again but good job!

  2. I was gonna ask to trial for PLG but now I'm scared XD

  3. Hi vital, my discord name is salsa#6254.
    I'd like to tryout for PLG if possible. At the moment I'm on KoW A team starting lineup.

  4. amazing bro ima give u a sub for that. great vid

  5. Hi im new i already sub and like btw do you have some item code?

  6. bro what is ur sens how do u shake that much

  7. Erm no hate, amazing montage, but some of the "public" midairs arent really pubs. like at 1:10 you say "r" then he jumps . . .

  8. damn awesome i saw it thrice
    2:06 was it staged??
    it seems like when u hv like 10 hp u jump and wait for the opponent to jump to get him midair lol

  9. Hey Vital PLG is a really toxic and bad clan i recommend you should leave it

  10. vital goo why aree yu lol kill streak yep ckra

  11. vital ur fps make me pro player

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