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[PLG] Nova
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  1. Imagine what I could have done with a Regular Gun…

  2. Pistol is one of my favouring guns. It helps in improving P90 aim and EGGK.

  3. While ADS ing, I feel that your crosshair should become smaller, but it does not. That should be something that BWD should take a look on.

  4. What was ur kill streak when u were recording this vid? 63 or something?

  5. You so easy lets duel my name 😂^_^{DX}😂

  6. U got double my killstreak on pistol lol

  7. 4:57 missed all his shots with semi lol and you tapped him with the pistol i laughed so hard when you killed him

  8. the ending that was a nice edit for a ending but just tell me how the heck did you get 61 kills with only a pistol i cant even get 10 lol

  9. “This is actually too easy” 1 minute earlier “IF I F THIS UP RIGHT NOW IM GOING YO RAGE”

  10. Look at the kill streak table content, they all don't go above 5 kills, they are all Noobs.

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