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Pistol Only Challenge! | Shell Shockers

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  1. hoow are you so good with the pistol i cant even get a kill with it lol

  2. i have the same exact pistol as you maybe i should make a pistol challenge video

  3. lol, it's funny because just yesterday I got a 16 streak on Moonbase FA with the pistol. As soon as I switched to P90 I couldn't get past 11.
    IDK man the pistol just makes you feel more in control for some reason.

  4. the first time i have hazmatt with ONLY abt 5000 eggs

  5. My pistol kill streak is 18 and My total kill streak is 61

  6. shnazzy little egg love that word you say nice video

  7. well hit him with our imaginary bullets omg that made me laugh so hard

  8. Yes hazmatt pake bahasa indonesia 🙂

  9. the pink panda pistol gun does slightly more damage up close

  10. this is a good video and good challenge with pistol

  11. My ocd when you are low on ammo and do not collect anymore

  12. Dang hazmat, wish I was that good with the pistol

  13. We shold play I.O Games Toghetdor

  14. my best kill streak with a pistol is 8 lol i suck at the game

  15. How did you get the beard and the glasses I can't find them in the shop?

  16. Ah yes, back in the days where you could just watch a video to get double eggs instead of having to pay a monthly fee to the greedy developers.

  17. I had no idea that not dying helped get higher KS. TYSM Hazmatt!!!❤❤❤

  18. yes we want to see more challenges!!!!!!

  19. i love watching ur vids keep up the good work!

  20. Nova vs hazmatt…. WHEN?!…. im waiting (im not mad btw)

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