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P90 *Bruh* Moment | Shell Shockers

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  1. hazzmatt who u 1v1ed today i was tht person i am rocker

  2. hazmatt is me kiko u saw me in shell shockers

  3. by the wa hazmatt u meeted sharkbucks

  4. i would to play with you in shellshockers 1v1

  5. Hey Hazzmat! So I play shell shockers too with a variety of guns, but I’ve found a nice strategy.
    When playing with a sniper, try hiding in a tree if the map has any. There’s a side to the tree where you can climb up, and if colored the correct shade of brown, most people aren’t going to notice you since people tend to pay more attention to the ground or popular sniping spots instead.
    This can also work as an ambush tool with other guns ^^

  6. I can never look at you the same after you decide to use skin hacks in that 1 video 😕😕😕 You used to be my idol!

  7. hi hazzmat its me snipernoob

  8. In case you didn't see my comment in the aug video, I want you to plz make a live video on November 20 at 1:00 in the afternoon for a 1v1, my YouTube account name will be EJ Cbox.

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