Only One King 👑 (shell shockers edit) -

Only One King 👑 (shell shockers edit)

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There’s Only One King…

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Music Used In This Video
Track: Only One King – Tommee Profitt & Jung Youth
Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group
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  1. which one king is he talking about? im confused…

  2. Dope Montage Jax! They better start runnin!

  3. epic montage (the song and the title are foreshadowing something) 😉

  4. wow, I see this daily like, how did u do that. and lol 1:30 u killed fake jax LOOOOOOL

  5. Jax! i know im late, gotta say, Love the montage! so smooth and the music and the transition , god job dude!

  6. You are the only king because you are very powerful.

  7. I have no words all I can say is that your the only king :crown:

  8. lol. Why does jax use the pink bear skins? goof montage tho. really liked it. Wish i had the same skills

  9. wow so cool professor jax is the only the best in shell shockers

  10. dam the ripple effect had to watch that like 10 times xd

  11. If I have 1 word to explain this montage:

  12. Thank you so much for playing my game have a great day everyone (:

  13. not the best but compared to others but its pretty good.

  14. Wooooooooooooooooow

  15. This is very cool! I love this montage! Is EGGcellent!

  16. Hey one day I got every skin! All the skins for guns, all the skins for my egg!

  17. I can kill someone while I am moving using crackshot

  18. Who else found this song from the apex legends trailer

  19. i think you took 9 hours to get the perfect montage

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