ONLY Killing Eggs That SHOOT Me! | Shell Shockers -

ONLY Killing Eggs That SHOOT Me! | Shell Shockers

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  1. when hazmatt is taken to court after confessing to a police officer that he just has a strong urge to shoot people

  2. Omg this is a very funny video!!Maybe 1v1 with Nova or N1xx next time?nova is pro in ccs and n1xx is pro in leagues!

  3. Are you going to do 1v1s cause I'm a really good shotty player

  4. i love original content. too many killstreak and other common videos for shell imo

  5. An impressive content thought and played by you Hazmatt!! I enjoyed your video!!

  6. Looks like haz is gonna be uploading a lot then we expected! That’s what I like to see 🙂

  7. Nice job bro! Glad ur back to posting again! Love the video!

  8. Hahaha nice idea. Very funny when you said oh boy I was about to end up in someone's montage 😀

  9. Great to see you back with some awesome challenges!

  10. This is reply good content. Keep it up Hazmatt!

  11. Haz back with another banger 🔥
    PS: I was going to upload a video yesterday with the same background shot for the thumbnail as you 😩
    Nice video though lmao always love seeing your videos on my recommended!

  12. Do you ever heart any comments? Also do a video where you get a trick shot only killstreak

  13. It's a good day when you see Hazmatt uploading challenges that nobody has even done

  14. These uploads are crazy! Keep up the good work Haz!


    IM DYING WITH LAUGHTER. pin me pls

  16. Realizes I Have Auto Fire Guess I'll Die 💀

  17. "I don't like it when AnYoNe knows it's me"
    The Youtube Badge next to his name: Am I a joke to you???
    The badge that's not even there: Yes

  18. What are ur controls in the game I'd like to use them to see if I can play good with them so my hands don't have to cross to do everything

  19. You make these kids look so bad at the game

  20. coming back from 3 yrs to watch your vids 😀

  21. how did you get the white snake gun what is the code plz😀😋

  22. Bro haz wanna bust only he not waiting for somethin

  23. No entiendo nada pero que buen gamEplay

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