ONE SHOT ONE KILL - Shell Shockers -

ONE SHOT ONE KILL – Shell Shockers

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time to use the Crackshot once again, I still
prefer the Free Ranger for the extra ammo
and faster fire rate, but this is good also.

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  1. u r the best pro in shellshocker n other game n can u teach me how to be pro like u

  2. very nice
    crack shot is the best gun in sell shockers
    1 SHOT!
    1 KILL!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Bro I've been watching u for a while and for whatever reason I am not subbed lol. My summer school class loves this game and we're making a money match lol. All things aside, keep doing what ur doing and happy 7/ 11 day lol (:

  5. MOON THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH I WON 2 GIVEAWAYS 1 From alacroy and the other one from you Thanks.

  6. Bro if you added some background music and some challenges and play with other people who play shelllshockers it will change so much about your channel in a good way

  7. 19:29 ''Haha. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *crap*''. Quote of the video.

  8. I favor the crackshot over the free ranger for the higher damage output and the quick reload though the mag size and the fire rate of the free ranger is unmatched by the crackshot

  9. I've been in 2 games with moon and just won the giveaway lets gooooo!

  10. If you ever play against olivier or squidward's nose it's me lol

  11. Idk if you know this but you can kill 2 people with one bullet if they are standing in a straight line.

  12. Got killed from a 38 streak
    Moon:well done


  13. No one
    literattly no one
    2:45 : Moon just casual doesn't mind that he killed a player named ceeday (Fake obviously, but its still funny he didn't react, since ceeday is very popular)

  14. This game is so fun I play this with my friends in class and man did it make time go by faster

  15. Is there anyone else that is not triggered that he us not aiming

  16. I used to be a god with the free ranger but then my friends told me to use another gun because I would kill them while they were reloading their Crackshots so I switched to Crackshot and now I suck with the free ranger and am only ok with the Crackshot. I might try the Freeranger to get my skills back though.

  17. Huray for kill masterkillkill 99,999,999 more to go to keep it fair

  18. How do you go down while in spectator mode? Btw nice vid!

  19. You seem like your nice

  20. Moon I and my friends at school love this game

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