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OLD TRUSTY SNIPER – Shell Shockers

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I finally pick up my old gun again and get
rust off it, its been a long time since I’ve
spent some quality time with this thing.

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  1. Good JOb! Why do you keep reloading your gun when it has bullets?

  2. I play both RuneScape and Shell Shockers! Best games! Nice video by the way

  3. I just got a good old new killstreak – 69

  4. Moon I'm doing ok (21 kills) me im doing very good (7 kills)

  5. Moon can i play shell shockers with you plz

  6. nice video moon, i am pretty good with that gun myself 🙂

  7. I’m so late and nobody asked but my biggest streak is 146. (It’s ok if you don’t believe me.)

  8. You can aim when pressing shift , that wil make it easyer to kill someone

  9. Hi, PolarizedMoon! I really love your videos and they are the best! Also, stay safe! Who's enjoying quarantine? Stay safe and stay home, everyone!

  10. Melissa Gabriela Marroquin Peñate G-II-D says:

    i just got a goood old new you japi

  11. i cant beleave that he ceeps on saying how bad he is when realy he is one of the best players.

  12. i love the fact that you always wear a suit and tie while making yt videos

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